planaViewTM is our trademark 360º virtual tour.

    planaViewTM tours are produced using a combination of hardware, software, and proprietary workflow techniques which result in a seamless, high resolution, high dynamic range, 360º floating environment. These views can consist of a single node or multiple nodes with linked hotspots for internal navigation.

    The planaViewTM environment is not limited to Flash on the desktop but is also HTML5 enabled for mobile viewing and is situationally aware when used with an accelerometer equipped smartphone or tablet.

    These attributes make planaViewTM an ideal tool for a wide range of applications including virtual museum tours, architectural and gallery views, installation documentation, and other interior or exterior uses.

    planaViewTM tours can be generated in a wide variety of resolutions. The trade off between file size and resolution can be specifically tailored for local or web-based viewing.


planaView tour ~ St. John the Baptist Church, Pawtucket RI

planaView tour - Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum ~ Wendell Castle : Wandering Forms

planaView tour - Rhode Island School of Design Museum

planaView tour - The Klaus von Nichtssangend Gallery

planaView tour - Philip Johnson Sculpture Gallery

planaView tour - Jin Shan exhibit at the David Winton Bell Gallery


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